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Birth Services


Therapeutic Movement Coaching

Nourishing your body is imperative especially while growing a human. whether you are a newbie to exercise or an avid lifter, I help to navigate movement and nutrition during your pregnancy and postpartum time.


Prenatal Classes

The Birth Atelier offers comprehensive and high-quality educational opportunities for growing families. Class topics include the physiology of birth, fetal positioning, evidence surrounding interventions and alternatives, skills for advocacy, postpartum expectations & more.


Fetal Positioning

Creating balance in your body creates more space for your baby to position. Meaning better comfort in pregnancy and in birthing.


Birth Pool Rentals

Birth Pool kits are equipped with everything you require to use a pool for your birth whether birthing at hospital or home.



Know your choices! Placentas are the temporary organ that supplies nutrients to and nourishes your baby. There are many options available for your placenta after birth.


Birth and Postpartum

Birthing is a time to connect mind and body. I help to facilitate this connection for not only the Birthing Person but the Partner as well.

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COMING SOON Visual Birth Wishes

Creating birth wishes is fantastic for anyone having a baby! Whether you are having a hospital birth, home birth, planned cesarean birth this is for you!

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